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Since starting our company in 1995, Rudy Degger & Associates, Inc. has offered the top accident investigation service in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. We proudly offer quality and comprehensive traffic accident analysis and accident reconstruction, supporting our conclusions with expert witness testimony. We look forward to serving your complete accident analysis and accident reconstruction needs, and we are fully insured by Professional Liability Insurance.

Our Specialties

Receive the right answers after a collision when you turn to us. Our team specializes in the following:

  • Major Collision Reconstruction
  • Automobile Accident Reconstruction
  • Major Accident Reconstruction
  • Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction
  • Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction
  • Bicycle Accident Reconstruction
  • ABS Brake Systems
  • Lamp Examination
  • Seat Belt Analysis
  • Tire Forensics
  • Low Speed Impacts
  • Damage Evaluation
  • Occupant Kinematics
  • Vehicle Crush Deformation
  • Force Analysis/ "g" Force
  • Measuring Crush Deformation for Demonstrative Evidence
  • Delta-V
  • Energy
  • Human Factors
  • Perception & Reaction
  • Demonstrative Evidence
  • Scale Mapping & Surveying
  • CAD Diagramming
  • Photography
  • Computer Simulation
  • Animation

In addition to our accident investigation service, we offer customized training seminars and workshops for groups such as insurance agencies, private sector, legal community, government agencies, and medical industry.

We also provide P.O.S.T. (Police Officers Standards of Training Commission) certified training to all LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS in the areas of (1) ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION (all levels), (2) ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION, (3) ENERGY & DAMAGE ANALYSIS, and (4) AUTO-PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION. The courses are designed for active law enforcement officers. However, civilians are welcome and may attend any and all courses.

Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR) & Other Tools

Rudy Degger & Associates, Inc. uses Bosch and other Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Tools to image crash data from the Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) normally associated with the vehicle's airbag module. Data in conjunction with traditional methods is used to assist in the reconstruction of crashes. Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Tools will provide information about the crash typically unattainable from conventional methods.
Data may include: (1) Speed, (2) Delta-V, (3) Seatbelt use, (4) Brake application, (5) Steering, and (6) the number and order of impacts in multiple-impacts situations, along with many other data typically unattainable from conventional methods.

We offer our services for clients throughout Northern California, Greater Sacramento, and San Francisco Bay Areas.

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Training Classes

We feature accident reconstruction training for groups throughout the Northern California, Greater Sacramento, and San Francisco Bay Areas.

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